Submit a Juno Download artist chart

Complete these steps to submit a charts –

1. Go to and log in (or register, if you don’t have a log in already)
2. Locate the tracks you want to include on your chart and click on the “heart” icon next to each
3. When you have 10 (or more) titles click “View My Chart” in the pop-up mini-window
4. In the Chart Editor page that opens next, add your name
5. Upload a Photo using the “Browse” button
6. Add a title for the chart (Optional)
7. Re-organize your tracks up and down in the chart using the controls to the left
8. You can use the Edit Text field to plug any forthcoming gigs, releases etc
9. To publish you chart click “Publish Chart” and you’re done!
10. On the final page there are also various options for e-mailing the finished chart, linking to bookmark sites, etc

Note – As soon as your charted is received it will appear on the Top DJs page at

Why should I submit monthly charts to Juno Download ?
Because it would help increase you exposure and help sell more downloads from your releases.