Where did you learn your skills… Self-taught or education?
We met each other at DJ Academy where we improved basics of mixing, while we learned to produce music at home, using all kinds of tutorials and we were listening to advice from more experienced music producers. Since we have remained very good friends even after finishing DJ Academy, we came to a conclusion that it would be a good idea to bring all of our knowledge, skills and experience together, this is when “Twosidez” was created, a group that consists of DJ’s and Producers; David Harmon, Muth and Sylvanas.

What made you chose the name Twosidez?
We came to the decision of the name after a lot of thinking. We wanted a name that represented us as individuals, but also combined our sound as a whole at the same time. So ‘Twosidez’ was chosen, as it presents two sides, good/evil, black/white, and that completes an all in one perfect ensemble, which is what we want to achieve.

What is your current studio set-up?
Our current studio set-up is nothing special. It consists of a PC, Monitors, Speakers, Microphone and FL Studio. After all what we have achieved so far we are seriously thinking about buying a full professional studio set-up, this will improve the sound of Twosidez as a whole, which is what we want to achieve.

What Digital Audio Workstation(s) do you currently use on your music projects?
We are using FL Studio, it’s a simple but very effective piece of software that has lots of great features which enables our imaginations to unfold and create the great music what we are producing today. “We just love it”.

What piece of software and hardware could you not live without?
We definitely couldn’t live without, PC, FL Studio, SoundCloud, Facebook and Mobile Phones

Talk us through your typical workflow from idea development to conception…
Generally we will start with the main part of