Artist Promotion & Collaboration

Artist Promotion & Collaboration

In today’s crazy world social media, an online presence and promotion of yourself is HUGE! If you had endless amounts of cash you could throw yourself out there is a massive way. In reality startup producers, new artists do not have this kind of money to throw away although it would benefit them considerably in the long term.

We are going to give you some pointers on writing a good profile biography and what type of other information you should give sites, people and records labels.

Artist Biography (around 500+ words)

Make this as detailed as possible some pointers are below

  1. How you started out and your progression.
  2. What type of producer are you, do you DJ, where do you DJ.. do you MC ? do you have a residency.
  3. Have you toured? if so where and years you did.
  4. Write up an exceptional year for you IE you signed to a huge label, you DJ’ed at an exclusive club.
  5. Record Labels you are signed to and the types of genres you produce.
  6. What tracks have you released & year and what you have upcoming in that year/following year.
  7. Background information
  8. A conclusion (the end of your biography)

Quality Images

  1. Make sure you have 8 top quality images of yourself,
  • Without logos.
  • Without writing/branding on the images.
  • What’s a top quality image? 2500 x 2500 px plus is really ideal.
  • No selfies.. get real.
  • Make sure you have a quality artist logo, looking for something like this click here

What to do weekly or monthly

  1. Social media linking and updating your profile regular, we often see things out of date on many artists sites or broken links.
  2. Post on social media sites, past releases.. IE your back catalogue you will find time and time again artists not promoting old productions, why you ask.. the digital market is saturated with millions of people like you, even if your track