Signing To House Rox Records

House Rox Records is an Independent Record Label from the United Kingdom, and globally signs artists and distributes to over 70 digital download stores.
Our main aim is to bring you the biggest and freshest sounds in House Music. Such as Vocal House, Funky House, Disco House, Tech House, Progressive House and Minimal.

Our aim is to keep an on going relationship with our signed Artist’s and Producers and promote & sell there music to all the major digital download stores. We also want new artists so keep reading and contact us if you like what you read.

Are you interested ?

  • All signed tracks. albums and EPs have proper and traceable UPC/EAN and ISRC codes.
  • We act on all piracy issues and you will have access to our Anti Piracy Platform
  • You will have access to our Artist Management System, where you can see your royalty statements, contract information and files and much more
  • We give all our signed artists, producers and bands lawful contracts.
  • We promote via social media and press releases with each release.
  • We deliver and create your unique digital artwork for free.
  • Helpful, knowledgeable staff throughout the year.
  • We are on the top stores like Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and others.
  • We regularly update your Artist profiles on the digital stores.
  • Constantly in communication with you regards your releases.
  • We send your track to 1000’s of Dj’s across the world for promo.
  • Give you opportunities to remix signed tracks to the record label.
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