Born in 1985, Crew, Cheshire, England Mark Parvin AKA ‘Marvin Parks’ who is based in Leeds began, like many natural, all-round musicians did, as a child with a bedroom and as many tape decks, keyboards, jack cables and old record players he could get his hands on – experimenting, learning – all the way through to music degrees, and then out into the big blue music ocean.

Marvin produces in a huge diversity of styles, most notably Deep & Jackin’ House, and the more conceptual Electronica/Ambient side of things.

A drummer by trade, DJ and school teacher by profession, one could almost see a life-time’s worth of musical activity fit into the last 15 years…a handful of bands, some proudly successful some less so.. few releases to the name and some amazing memories and experiences, which are now, as ever, churned into making new and fresh music all the time.

Musical heroes past and present include Inland Knights, Agnes, Leigh D Oliver (a dear friend), Joey Youngman, Liam Geddes, Huxley, Thomas Bengalter, Judge Jules and Carl Cox…and from the rest of the world – Squarepusher, Tori Amos, Deftones, Steely Dan, Secede, Radiohead, Kate Bush, Genesis, Disco and anything good and from the 80s.

Marvin’s music is only too happy to please.