Scottish based DJ/Producer BlackWhyte may be a new name on the scene but he’s already gained support from the likes of Paul Van Dyk, M.I.K.E, Max Graham, Andy Duguid and Manuel Le Saux to name just a few.

He fell in love with dance music in the late 90s when he was just a kid. Growing up as a teenager in a small town in Scotland he was regularly hanging around the local night clubs. Armed with a mix tape in his back pocket, he soon got to know all the local DJ’s – pestering them for a look inside their record boxes and a even quick mix at the DJ booth. This enthusiasm impressed club residents and led to him getting a permanent residency. Since then he’s never looked back and has played at night clubs around the country.

His love for the music encouraged him to dive into music production and explore the world of synthesis and music technology. He’s spent countless hours and nights teaching himself the tricks of the trade and even to this day he still believes that there’s always more to learn. With this self taught production knowledge, he’s gradually developed his own characteristic sound and is refining those skills with every new track he makes.

His trademark “BlackWhyte” sound led to the signing of his first EP back in 2013, which quickly received huge support from long established heavyweights in the Trance and Progressive scene.
This upcoming Scottish producer constantly strives to keep his music sounding fresh and unique. His distinctive sound has come to be recognized for its irresistible chord progressions, solid grooves, lush breakdowns and immense “hands in the air” drops. It’s no surprise then, that he’s been requested to produce a number of remixes for a variety of labels and continues to push the boundaries of what he can do in the studio. Definitely one to watch!


  • This Is Techno Live, Vol.5
    Drumcomplex, Bageera, DaGeneral, Phunk Investigation, Jean Aita, Blue Amazon, John 00 Fleming , Dave Seaman, Engi, Phutek, MK Solace, Nik Feral, Alex Nemec, Twist3d, Byron Gilliam, HP Source, Chicago Loop, Jon The Dentist, Ben Perin, BlackWhyte, Ninna V, Oliver Lieb, Hernan Cattaneo, Martin Garcia, Blue Amazon, DaGeneral, TKNO, Moggi
    Techno, Tech House
    GSTITLV5 | General Surgery Records | 2017-06-23
  • Future Stars, Vol. 1
    Araya, Mark Dreamer, Pulse & Sphere, Sou Kanai, Hydro Aquatic, SkyKeeper, Holbrook, Arkham Knights, UCast, Paul Rigel, Sean Mathews, Tepes, BlackWhyte
    INFRASONICFS001 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2015-04-27
  • Best of 2014
    BlackWhyte, DaGeneral, Moggi, Voodoopriester, SWA, Nico Kohler, Jon The Dentist, Felo Rueda, Various Artists, Acidmann, Huan Oc, Moggi, Aaron Olson, Bryn Liedl
    Techno, Trance, Tech House
    GS015 | General Surgery Records | 2015-01-24
  • DaGeneral & Friends
    Acidmann, DaGeneral, SWA, BlackWhyte, Kenny Campbell
    GS011 | General Surgery Records | 2014-11-01
  • Atlas
    Andy Low, Mike Wharton, BlackWhyte, Funktion B, Jerem A, The Darwin Experience
    House, Progressive House
    HRR086 | House Rox Records | 2014-07-28
  • Electric Moments
    Mike Wharton, Andy Low, BlackWhyte, Jerem A
    Tech House, Trance
    HRR085 | House Rox Records | 2014-07-04
  • To The Edge E.P
    INFRAF084 | Infrasonic Future | 2014-06-30
  • Infrasonic Autumn Selection 2013
    Sensetive5, Irina Makosh, Harry Square, Mehilove, Solis & Sean Truby, BlackWhyte, UCast, Accendo, Santerna, Ultimate, Andy Tau, Sunny Lax, Tangle
    Trance, House
    INFRASONICAU001 | Infrasonic Recordings | 2013-11-25
  • Silk Road E.P
    INFRAF062 | Infrasonic Future | 2013-09-09
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